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Generic Cialis in Colorado: Inexpensive but Effective Way to Cope with ED

Cialis is an erectile dysfunction (ED) pill that was introduced in the US in 2003. The rate of erectile dysfunction in men increases every year and advances as men grow older, except for some cases where even young men find themselves with the same problem. Men in Colorado are advised to visit doctors for prescriptions before buying an ED drug, but given the delicate problem, most men are much more comfortable when buying it anonymously in online stores.

The US patent for the branded Cialis expired in 2016. This has led to talks about the introduction of generic Cialis into the market. Men in Colorado could still benefit from these versions of Cialis, but it is illegal to sell medical products with no patent.

Cialis competitors

The competitors in the legal market include Viagra and Levitra, all helping man suffering from ED. Cialis is said to have grossed $2.2 billion in worldwide sales in 2013, with Viagra grossing $1.9 billion. Clearly, men tend to prefer this product to its competitors. This also leads to an observation that if a generic version of Cialis is introduced, the sales figures could be high in the USA. At the moment, generic Cialis in Colorado can be purchased only in online stores. Still the question revolves around the need to have a prescription or not. Doctors argue that assuming that low libido and ED can have many different causes, it could be potentially dangerous if men diagnose themselves with ED whilst the root cause can be a serious underlying disease like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Advantages of using generic Cialis

First of all, generic Cialis is much cheaper than branded ED drugs. Also, compared to its competitors, tadalafil (the main active component in Cialis) maintains longer functionality. It has even earned the nickname ’Weekend Pill’ as it can work for up to 36 hours. Sildenafil-based ED drugs, like Kamagra and Viagra, gain the effect within 40 minutes after taking a pill and then maintain it for 4 to 6 hours. However, a man still doesn’t need much time to recover between orgasms when using Kamagra or generic Viagra pills.

Regardless of the brand, ED pills are suitable for men from 18 to 82 years, and in addition to improving erection they also prolong the duration of intercourse.

Another advantage of Cialis that in some cases makes a difference is that it is available in small doses as once-a-day therapy used for long-term, ongoing treatment. This means a man can take the same exact dose on a daily basis and have a normal erection at any time he wants to have sex. Other competitors are yet to come up with such a dosage.