Cast your ballot

Colorado’s new election law builds in more flexibility for you, the voter. You have three options for voting this year.

  1. Return your mail ballot in the mail (postage requirements vary by county. Postage information will be on the ballot envelope or in instructions).
  2. Drop it off at a Ballot Drop-Off location
  3. Vote in person at a Voter Service Center

Your Signature is What Makes Your Ballot Count

Don’t forget to sign the back of your envelope before you mail it or drop it off! Voters turning in an unsigned envelope will be notified by mail and need to cure the issue to ensure the vote gets counted!

Tips For Marking Your Ballot

Different counties use different systems to process and tally ballots, so instructions for how to complete a ballot vary from one county to the next. Always read the voter instruction sheet included with your mail ballot before you vote. With that in mind, guidelines for completing a ballot usually include:

  • Make sure you use a blue or a black pen.
  • Make sure you connect the arrow or fill in the bubble completely.
  • If you make a mistake, stop. Don’t erase a ballot marking. Request a replacement ballot.
  • If you spill coffee on your ballot or the dog chews it, request a replacement ballot.
  • Sign your ballot envelope. Unsigned ballots will not be counted!